Prominent members of the Mazuranic-Brlic-Ruzic family and their relations


1. Ivan Mazuranic ( 1814 -1890 ). , 1861-1865 Court secretary in Vienna, 1871-1873 president of the Croatian Sabor (government), 1973-1880 Ban of Croatia.  During this time he collaborated with Ljudevit Gaj on his journal "Danica".  He was the first non-aristocratic Ban of Croatia, was married to Alexandra, sister of more

2. Ivana Brlic Mazuranic ( 1874 -1938 ) The "Croatian Anderson" and our first female member of the Yugoslav Academy of Science and the Arts she was twice nominated for the Nobel prize for literature.  She published numerous works, the most famous, more

3. Fanika, Francisca, Fanny Brlic Daubachy de Dolje ( 1830-1883 ) Prominent Croatian 19th century painter, and the first female artist from aristocratic circles, she left more

4. Antun Mazuranic ( 1805-1888 ) ( older brother of Ivan ).  Teacher and principal of the Royal Gymnasium (grammar school) in Rijeka and Zagreb. Collaborator on Gaj's "Danica" more

5. Matija Maurine ( 1817-1881 ) ( younger brother of Ivan and Antun )  Author of "View into Bosnia", the first travelogue of the new Croatian writing. more

6. Dr Viktor Ruzic ( 1893-1976 ), son of Gjure Ruzic, industrialist and property owner, and  of Helen Badovinac pl. Badovinski, knight, lawyer, Dr of Law, governor, minister, journalist, librarian, author and painter.  He wrote his autobiography under the title of "My Memoirs" more

7. Vladimir Mauranic ( 1845-1928 )   ( son of Ivan ) Doctor of Law, knight, legal historian, president of the governor's board in Zagreb, member and president of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and the Arts  in Zagreb, author of "Contributions towards the Croatian Historical-Legal Dictionary" more

8. Dr Viktor Ruzic ( 1924-1992 ) Doctor of Chemistry, patriot, journalist, custodian of the family's heritage, collection and library, the archive in Slavonski-Brod as more

9. Dimitrije Demeter ( 1811-1872 ).   Brother-in-law to Ivan Mazuranic. Greek by birth.  He wrote the play "Virginija" in Modern Greek whilst still a child.  Graduated in medicine in Padua in 1834 and received his Ph.D. there in 1836 with a thesis on meningitis. Originator more

10. Henrietta von Bernath Lendway ( 1843-1919 ).  Wife of Vladimir Mazuranic, mother of Alka, Bozidar and Zelimir more

11. Dimitri Mintcho Nestoroff ( 1868-1943 ).  Bulgarian diplomat, secretary to the Bulgarian Royal family Sax-Coburg-Gotha, knight, highly decorated.  Forged more

12. Alka Mazuranic Nestroff. ( 1878-1971 ) Sister of Ivana Brlic Maurine, married to Dimitri Mintcha Nestoroff, Bulgarian diplomat, guardian of the family heritage.  Unpublished manuscript "From Diplomatic Life" more

13. Fran Maurine ( 1859-1928 ). ( son of  Matijia ) Writer and adventurer, military officer, wrote a collection of poems called "Leaves" more

14. Nada Brlic Ruzic ( 1891-1964 ).  Oldest daughter of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic and Vatroslav Brlic. And wife of Dr. Viktor Ruzic.  She inherited her mother's gift of writing.  Her work more

15. Ignjat Alojzije Brlic, ( 1795-1855 ) Father of Vatroslav. His love of books and the sciences encouraged him to sell books in the family shop.  He wrote more

16. Andrija Torkvat Brlic ( 1826-1868 ) Lawyer, diplomat and politician. During the 1848 Revolution he fought on the barricades in Vienna, Prague and Pest.  Secretary to Ban Jelacic, friend of Bishop Strossmayer.  At 22, he became Jelacic's delegate in Paris, more

17. Vatroslav Brlic, ( 1862-1923 ).  Husband of Ivana Brlic Maurine Lawyer and  representative at the Croatian sabor more

18. Gjuro Ruzic, junior, ( 1891 - 1976 ).  Eldest son of Gjure Ruzic, snr. and Helena Badovinac pl. Badovinski.  He studied in Graz and London.  He was a very progressive mayor of Rijeka from 1929 to 1939.  He succeeded in more

19. Bozena-Beba Vilhar Ruzic ( 1906-199 1)  Painter from Susak, learnt to paint from eminent artists: Clement Menci Crncic, Giuseppe Moretti Zajc, Vladimir Kirin, Maksimiljan Vanka and Vladimir Zajc.  She held a series of exhibitions from 1932 both in Croatia and around the world.  She took part more

20. Zelimir Mazuranic ( 1876-1941 ).  ( grandson of Ivan Mazuranic and brother of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic ), Dr of Law, president of the Senate of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, looked after the family library. In 1937, he bought the sculpture of St George in Vienna meaning to donate it to the town of Zagreb, more

21. Alfred von Bernath Lendway ( 1836-1924 ).  Born in Varazdin, brother of Henrietta, wife of Dr Vladimir Mazuranic, he studied chemistry in Gottingen, Dresden, Graz and Vienna where he took his doctorate.  He ran his father's pharmacy.  He instigated the study of chemistry in Romania, more

22. Jagoda Brlic Amrus ( 1824-1897 ) Poet of the Illyrian Movement from the Brlic family.  Her poetic diary abounds in inspired poems about her people, family and home.  From 1842. her poetry was more

23. Juraj Gjuro Ruzic, snr.( 1834-1922 ), industrialist and landowner, engaged in the arts and politics, mayor and more

24. Jelka Badovinac pl. Badovinski Ruzic ( 1861-1928 ).  Daughter of the mayor of Zagreb, Nikola Badovinac pl. Badovinski, wife of Juraj Gjuro Ruzic snr., a central character in Susak and Rijeka social life, honorary member of various cultural societies, mother of more

25. Nikola Badovinac pl. Badovninci ( 1828-1902 ). Father-in-law of Juraj Ruzic, mayor of Zagreb and Austro-Hungarian governor of finance in Bosnia more

26. Dr Ivan Brlic ( 1894-1977 ).  Son of Vatroslav and Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, doctor of law, journalist and author.  Editor of the journal more

27. Andrija Torkvat Brlic, jnr, ( 1893-1931 ).  Croatian composer and organ player, he studied music and medicine in Berlin, Vienna and Prague.  He wrote many musical compositions, amongst which "Vrzino Kolo" more

28. Vera Nikolic Baroness Podrinjska ( 1886-1972 ). Daughter of a Zagreb notable, aristocrat and artist. She organised a large number of art exhibitions  in Croatia and around the world. She wrote travel more

29. Dr Ivan Ruzic ( 1849-1915 ).  Doctor of law, he studied at the Sorbonne, Heidelberg, Berlin and Vienna where he got his doctorate and studied business.  He worked with Ban Ivan Mazuranic as well as his brother, Gjuro Ruzic, at the tanning factory, more

30. Ivan Kristofor Daubach Daubachy de Dolje ( 1766-1843 ).  Doctor, knight, doctor of medical sciences and surgery and 'protomedikus' of Croatia due to his outstanding contributions to medicine, more

31. Theodor Demeter, ( 1760-1828 ) Greek merchant.  Successful and rich, he came to Zagreb via Salonika, Macedonia and Herzegovina, he dealt in pollen which was considered an aphrodisiac, more

32.Vlatko Mazuranic, jnr. ( 1915-1985 ).  Painter and master of the fencing more

33. Gilda Ruzic (.1924 - ) born Solci Lantieri, doctor of Italian literature, wife of Viktor Ruzic, mother of Matilda and Viktor more

34. Matilda Ruzic ( 1955 - ). Daughter of Viktor and Gilda Ruzic, lecturer in Italian and Russian more

35. Viktor Ruzic jnr. ( 1954 - ).  Son of Gilda and Viktor Ruzic.  Collector. more

36. "Malik" Gjure Ruzic, snr.  According to legend - made him money.

37. "Domaci".  Ivana Brlic Mazuranic.  Created by the illustrator Vladimir Kirin.

38. Loretica, Kisinka, Pufica and the dog Fran Maurine - the Mazuranic household pets.


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