The Mazuranic - Brlic - Ruzic library and collection is located in Pecine in the Susak area of Rijeka, at the Villa Ruzic, home of the well-known Rijeka family of that name.  Alongside the library of some 10,000 books is a collection of photographs, documents, antique furniture, paintings, busts and personal artefacts belonging to the family.  Since 1946 the collection has been classified as a Croatian national monument. Since 2000 the Mazuranic-Brlic-Ruzic heritage library and collection has been open to the public, by appointment, for guided tour groups. The family Ruzic has always welcomed individual visitors and those interested in our national heritage.  The collection and library as well as the grounds of the house are a venue for a variety of cultural events; book launches, art exhibitions and lectures.


Everyday artefacts used by family members  can be found in the glass cabinets and cupboards.  As well as the  more ceremonial items such as dinner services, sets of glasses there are other, more  personal objects. Of particular interest is the ring of Smail-Aga Cengic which was given to Ivan Mazuranic by the Montenegrin ruler Djordje Cerovic, more

The library of books were collected by Ivan Mazuranic and his brother, Antun.  Ivan Mazuranic, lawyer, poet of the Illyrian movement and story-teller, was also Ban of Croatia.  His brother Antun, principal of the Rijeka Gymnasium (grammar school), was also engaged in the arts" more

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