The rest of the collection is made up of Biedermeier suites, antique furniture, family portraits, paintings and busts.  Of special note has to be the plaster bust of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic by the famous Croatian sculptor  Ivan Rendic.  Ivan Mazuranic is also prominent here with his great portrait, painted by the graphic artist and painter Bozidar Jakac in collaboration with Dr Viktor Ruzic.

Everyday artefacts used by family members  can be found in the glass cabinets and cupboards.  As well as the  more ceremonial items such as dinner services, sets of glasses there are other, more  personal objects. Of particular interest is the ring of Smail-Aga Cengic which was given to Ivan Mazuranic by the Montenegrin ruler Djordje Cerovic, son of the national hero Novica Cerovic who killed Smail-Aga.  More intimate items include Ivan Brlic Mazuranic's tortoiseshell notebook, embellished on the outside in silver and enamel with the initials I.M, and containing an ivory holder and little silver pencil. There is also an attractive little leather cigar case with inlaid picture of a nymph given to Ivan Mazuranic by his brother-in-law, Dimitri Demeter.
Much of the collection of antique furniture, works of art, porcelain, glass and paintings comes not only from the Rijeka family but also from the families into which they married.  Because of this, the collection includes objects from the family Badovinac pl. (von or de)Badovinci, Daubachy pl.Doljski, pl. Spun-Strizicev, count Lantieri, Solci-Schulz von Altenkazze, Mueller von Thomamuehl, Dworski von Prus, Nikolic Baron Podrinjski, pl. Zajc, Brlic, von Bernath Lendway, Vilhar, Demeter, von Kuslan, Nestoroff, Gelletich, de Adamich, de Vallentsits, de Marsano Ploech, Kukuljevic Sakcinski and others.

The Mazuranic-Brlic-Ruzic collection and library form an integral whole. The archive was put together and arranged by Viktor Ruzic and his daughter Matilda and  comprises both family papers and the huge written correspondence between family members, their acquaintances and contacts.  This living, breathing family house with its collection of  pictures and furniture and other artefacts carefully looked after by Viktor Ruzic's widow Gilda, is a fascinating and unique example of bourgeois life in the 19th and 20th century. The Mazuranic-Brlic-Ruzic library is the only important private library in Croatia today still maintained by the family that established it.

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